What types of events would you consider as extra fun for the attendees?

We like to show our clients our appreciation for their business by having a client appreciation night. What would you like us to do to show you our appreciation?
Family night at the movies
0% (0 votes)
Bus trip to Longwood Gardens
17% (3 votes)
Golf outing
6% (1 vote)
Tour of some kind
11% (2 votes)
Local baseball game
22% (4 votes)
Bus Trip to a Show on Broadway
28% (5 votes)
Bus Trip to The National Museum
17% (3 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 18

Would you like to have cookies at your meeting?

DO you know that we are able to notarize documents for investment clients…free?

Alexis is a Notary Public. If you are a client and need a notarization come in and see Alexis!
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